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RETROBLIND - Window Cover

No Tools | No Glue | No Screws


With our one-size fits all, tool-free & damage-free installation, choosing and fitting your next set of blinds has never been so easy!

One-size fits all

The product is designed to fit all vertical windows. Prior to purchase, no measuring is needed. 

Your Retroblind comes already perforated, all you have to do is tear it to size:

Tool-free installation

The product can be fitted and removed easily by the user without the need for any technical skills or tools. This saves the user money as they will not require the purchase of any equipment nor will they require the expertise of someone to fit and install the blinds for them.

Good for the planet

Whether you are living in Scotland or California - Retroblind will help you to insulate your windows. 

This will help you to keep your energy bill low and reduce your carbon footprint.

Being able to control the lightness in your bedroom helps to control a healthy sleep-wake rhythm. Retroblind will darken your bedroom so that you can sleep at any time of the day

Healthy sleep

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